Air Compressors,

Product Description

ROTAIRSPA has a long history from a one man company to a global company. To see the main highlights in its journey browse below.ROTAIR became part of the ELGI GROUP. A mid-size yet worldwide spread Company teaming up with a big, solid and globalized group, both sharing a core of simple and positive values. A good viaticum to continue this timeline of innovation, customer attention and success.

Throughout time, ROTAIR has made a point in listening to its Customers, identify their specific needs and try to respond as closest as possible to their expectations, offering state-of-the-art technology with personalized solutions, with an eye on maintenance and service costs and durability. It has made all possible efforts to become ..THE COMPANY THAT LISTENS!

Rotair is known in the industry for providing custom-engineered solutions to meet its clients’ needs. The company collaborates with clients to understand their changing needs and designs solutions accordingly. Long-term partnering has been our key differentiating factor.

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