Product Description

Express Engineering is a key partner in MAZ’s Regional network, and is wholly committed to providing customers with the best transport solutions through a complete range of vehicles, supported by high caliber maintenance and support services that uphold the MAZ values of quality, safety and environmental care.

“MAZ” is a brand that has won recognition of its vehicles not only in Belarus but also far beyond. The production of Minsk Automobile Plant is the equipment meeting requirements of Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5 ecological standards. Fifth-wheel tractors, drop-side trucks, chassis under installation of various special equipment roll off the assembly line under “MAZ” trademark – In total over 500 models.

They were honored with awards for design, functionality, quality and durability at the international automobile shows and specialized exhibitions many times.

MAZ vehicles are the challenging embodiment of innovatory engineering ideas, implemented in the high quality equipment.

A distinctive feature of our trucks for long-term history of the plant was and is an ideal combination of price and quality. Every day constructors are working hard on the realization of innovative ideas to improve the technical characteristics of manufactured equipment, and achieving maximum comfort.

The tradition to strive for perfection, creating a reliable and quality transport, has allowed “MAZ” to achieve the success of special-purpose machinery for the implementation of quality agricultural, construction and road work, in the field of public service.

Modern design along with high performance specification allows MAZ vehicles to occupy a steady position at the international engineering market and compete with the world producers.